Climate and Coffee

Latin America is one of the blessed regions on our planet where coffee thrives. Most of the coffee supply comes from this region and coffee farmers have long viewed this crop to make a good living out of it. As of from the most recent sats the coffee industry in Latin America employs more that 14 million people accross the region.

coffee production by country
In the most recent years the effects of climate change has increased which is threatening the welfeare of millions. Those hurting the most are small producers, leading htem to exit coffee farming and moving into other crops or moving away into cities.


Study after study has laid out the threat climate change poses to the coffee industry. Rising temperatures will bring drought, increase the range of diseases and kill large swaths of the insects that pollinate coffee plants. About half of the land around the world currently used to produce high-quality coffee could be unproductive by 2050, according to a recent study in the journal Climatic Change.