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Sumatra Coffee Beans

Sustainably Sourced Seasonal Coffee Beans Roasted in Small Batches

  • CLIMATE FRIENDLY: Enjoy a cup of our CARBON NEGATIVE Coffee. Our coffees are roasted in small batches, which ensures the roasting process is of high quality. You as the consumer can choose to return used coffee grounds, which we reuse as biofuel. In addition, we also support climate initiatives and tree planting projects, where needed the most, that help us achieve Carbon Negative.
  • SMALL BATCH ROASTED and FRESH PACK TECHNOLOGY: We only roast in small batches, frequently to ensure coffee is fresh. We use nitro flush, the process removes 100% of the oxygen in the bag, which can degrade the flavour of the roasted beans – our process gives coffee beans a longer shelf life
  • STRICTLY HIGH GROWN elevations where the best coffees grow more slowly and therefore have more time to absorb nutrients and develop more robust flavours based on the local climate and soil conditions.
  • TASTE: Cardamom , sweet nut , spicy , hint of fruity , smooth/silky body , good sweet , malic-like acidity , low bitter


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Sumatra Coffee Beans

Sumatra is a large island in Indonesia that is known for producing some of the world’s most unique and complex coffee. Sumatran coffee is grown in the highland regions of the island, which have a cool and wet climate that is ideal for coffee cultivation. Here are some key features of Sumatran coffee:

  • Flavour profile: Sumatran coffee is renowned for its rich, full-bodied flavour with low acidity. The flavour profile is often described as earthy, woody, and spicy, with notes of chocolate, tobacco, and sometimes even hints of fruit.
  • Processing method: Sumatran coffee is typically processed using the wet-hulled method, which involves removing the parchment layer from the coffee bean while it is still wet. This results in a unique flavour profile that is different from other coffee beans processed with more traditional methods.

Roasting and Brewing

  • Roasting method: Sumatran coffee is roasted darker to accentuate its bold flavour profile. However, lighter roasts can also bring out the coffee’s subtle fruit notes.
  • Recommended brewing method: Best brewed using espresso or French press methods, as these methods can balance the strong flavour profile and heavy body.

Once the coffee is roasted it will be left to rest (degassing), this could be a few days or a week until we sample and make sure its fully ready to be brewed in your kitchen.

  • ARTISAN ROAST: We Hand Roast All Our Coffees at Our Small Batch Roastery. We Show Meticulous Attention to Every Little Detail From Sourcing Coffee Up To The Point You Receive it.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: you can choose to return the used coffee grounds to us so we can reuse them as bio fuel. The most sustainable roasting facility in the UK which you can be part of.
  • FRESH ROASTED: We only roast in small batches, frequently to ensure coffee is fresh. Our FreshPack technology removes 100% of the oxygen in the bag, which can degrade the flavour of the roasted beans – our process gives coffee beans a longer shelf life. This ensures the coffee you buy is super fresh. This is critically important for us for high standards for such a delicate coffee.
  • TASTE: sweet herb , spicy , hint of cream , toasted ,  silky body , alive acidity , good sweet , low bitterness
  • PASSION FOR COFFEE: Sharing the experience of unique tastes is our passion and we feel the privilege to our customers this amazing coffee. All coffees have ethically sourced a mixture of Fair Trade and Direct Trade to ensure farms have a decent living for a sustainable future.



Roast Level

Medium Light




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