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Rocket Fuel

Taste: This unique blend only contains the seasonal sourced origins which is the newest arrivals to the UK. A great coffee to wake you up early in the morning. It's created by using the premium coffee beans. Flavors of citrus and stone fruits meet hints of creamy nougat and caramel, making a thoroughly enjoyable first cup of the day.

Varietals: Robusta.

Processing: Fully washed and sun dried.

Double Roast Rocket Fuel

A little bit about our mission here at Roast Shop Coffee...

At Roast Shop Coffee we are on a mission to get the UK drinking better coffee with a fair price tag. We make incredible, freshly roasted coffee accessible to everyone. Coffee beans are sourced ethically from reliable, sustainable supplies around the world – South America, Africa, Asia and beyond. Roasted in small batches at Roast Batch HQ in Newcastle, your coffee will be shipped within 2  days, making us faster than our competitors! Our coffee isn’t ground until the last possible moment before being sent straight to you to enjoy.

You can request extra bags via web and phone or skip, delay or change your delivery frequency at any time.

Meet our coffee team

Mark Dunning

Mark has worked as a barista and hold many coffee championship titles

Russell Sharpe

Coffee addict. He makes sure our website and marketing suns smooth

Anita Betrocci

She makes sure every roast tastes amazing.

How it all started

Roast Shop Coffee is about giving people freshly roasted coffee. Fresh coffee tastes a lot better than coffee that’s been sat on a shelf for months in a supermarket. Currently, in the UK either in supermarkets or with big coffee chains their coffees are over roasted (dark roast) to standardise taste, this kills the aromas and origin character of the coffee.  We want to provide real tasting coffee. Great coffee is not made by baristas using standard beans, roasted industrially in coffee shops. We are here to transform the UK's coffee culture.

Every year we donate a chunk of our profits. This action stems from one of our core values,  which is to operate and use coffee for a good cause. Here at Roast Batch we believe in fair and transparent pricing of freshly roasted speciality coffee. We want to be open and honest with the job we do here as a coffee roaster and supplier.

In the beginning...

We are artisan coffee roasters with years of experience. We have  supplied independent coffee shops with freshly roasted premium coffee, so we thought, why not offer it to the public!

Our intention is to bring top quality coffee right to your door wherever you are in the UK.

Where we are today

Today we are sourcing world class beans from independent farms. We link the right farms to our suppliers and ensure that the farmers are getting paid the highest rates. This is not our social responsibility, it's about integrity and a sustainable future for all.

Now we are delivering to many coffee drinkers all around the UK.

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