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Classic No1 Espresso 1kg Fresh Roasted Coffee


CLASSIC ESPRESSO TASTE - Very Low Acidity and Rich Flavour, It is luxuriously creamy, with a kiss of foamy crema and a lingering aftertaste. We Use Strictly High Grown Arabica and a Small Amount of Premium Robusta for a Perfect High Quality Espresso Blend. PERFECT FOR ESPRESSO - Medium dark roast at strength 4 , Coffee beans to enjoy all day long FRESH ROASTED - We Do Not Stock Roasted Beans. Our Coffees are Frequently Roasted, Typically 3 to 4 Times a Week, Only This Ensures the Coffee You Buy Is Super Fresh. ECO FRIENDLY: you can choose to return the used coffee grounds to us so we can reuse them as bio fuel. The most sustainable roasting facility in the UK which you can be part of. ROAST TRACKING - Access to Full Roast Profile and Coffee Information After Purchase MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We Offer Full Refund No Quibbles if You Are Not Happy.

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