We use nitro flush, the process removes 100% of the oxygen in the bag, which can degrade the flavour of the roasted beans - our process gives coffee beans longer shelf life. A typical bag of coffee will lose its freshness in 2 weeks, fresh pack technology enables us to extend this to 2 months.

Tested and proven to keep coffee at the same freshness from day 1 up to 2 months.

Try our coffee todays to see the difference of freshness

fresh pack coffee

Is it safe for health?

Nitrogen gas is completely safe. As a matter of fact, you are exposed to this gas constantly because the air you’re breathing is composed of 78% nitrogen gas. It is a food-safe and odourless inert gas. Does not affect the smell and taste of the coffee beans. Thus, maintaining the quality of your coffee products.

frshpack 01

Is it environmentally safe?

The abundance of nitrogen in the atmosphere makes its production environmentally un-harmful. The structural bond of nitrogen is also very strong so it is very non-reactive. This means that it is stable enough and is guaranteed to not cause unwanted reactions.

It turns out that nitrogen is a great gas to flush out oxygen from coffee bags that have just been filled with freshly roasted or ground coffee. By eliminating oxygen and moisture, nitrogen also prevents bacterial growth. A quick seal of the bag with a one-way valve and you have a flavour- and aroma-saving package that will keep your coffee in great shape for when you are ready to brew the perfect cup. 

coffee bag valve

Keeping it Fresh in the Bag

In summary, using nitrogen flushing for packaging coffee has no downside and is totally safe. Nitrogen flush packaging prevents oxidation and allows the occurrence of degassing which we prefer it to take place in the coffee pouch with a one way valve, just like the one on the image. This technique allows degassing without quality loss because of oxidation.


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